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WANT TO LOSE 5 lbs within the next 7 days?

DO YOU WANT TO LOSE 5lbs in the next 7 days? Drop the bloat and stop the cravings! (This is my “Cister” lol cousin/sister, Liana, and don’t we look alike?)

Liana is a mom of two little ones and she turn 40 in…Join us here!




This morning I woke up feeling defeated before they day even started. I wanted to crawl back under the covers and hide.

This happens when we live in our own heads and take on comparison, overwhelm and trying to “control” it all. And yes, I’m practicing letting go of control daily because control is an illusion. It’s never fully possible to “control” it a…Keep reading here!







Why You Should Tell Your Story With Eli Nash

Eli held a secret for YEARS. The details of his own abuse. What he knows now that he didn’t know those many years of keeping quiet? That vulnerability and emotional intelligence connects people.

Listen in now!






Why Niching Down can Explode Your Business with James Patrick

James Patrick, ACG, ALB is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and editorial photographer based in Arizona specializing in sports, fitness, beauty and portraiture. He also works as an entrepreneur coach, podcast host, marketer, journalist and public speaker covering a variety of topics including photography, marketing and business development.

Continue listening in here.




Have you ever tried a POLE lesson?

This was So fun and WAY harder than it looks! This was me having a POLE lesson in Toronto last week…See the fun here!








“We have no money” please read…

THIS is my dream car and NO I DO NOT have one… I drive a 7 year old car that gets me from point A to point B and has bumps and scratches on it. The car I drive is far from this!

So why am I sitting in this car taking a picture? Because I’ve had a HEAVY story around money my wh…Keep learning here!












P.S. Say bye-bye to 5 lbs within the next 7 days! Join us HERE



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