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Why I got the word SURRENDER tattooed on my right arm for my 48th birthday yesterday

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill I have been a control freak, people pleaser and someone scared of judgement for years and it has cost me “living” life to it’s fullest and I have had enough of that. Control and people pleasing are illusions and they are hurting your life too.

When we are children, there is a time when we know love, trust and possibilities.

Nothing feels out of reach.

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Every year on my Birthday

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill Doing “more and longer” doesn’t equal Every year on my Birthday, my wish is to do something where I’m “ultra present” , have a ton of FUN and experience something different! I don’t need or want presents, I want experiences ???? Last year was paragliding, year before I jumped out of an airplane. Being that my bday is on a national holiday we couldn’t get into zip line or hot air balloon ride (two of my this years ideas) soooo… we went down my list…and today was PERFECT.

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NEW EPISODE: Tapping Into The Power Of Your Story With Bo Eason

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill Bo Eason started his career in the NFL and during his 5-year career Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation.

After his football career ended, he branched out into acting and wrote a one-man play called Runt of the Litter that had an extended off-Broadway and 50- city national run.

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NEW EPISODE: Quitting Your Job to Pursue Your Passion with Jonathan Bailor

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill Jonathan Bailor is the founder of Wellness Engineering and SANESolution. He authored the NYTimes best seller The Calorie Myth and The Setpoint Diet. He has registered over 26 patents, and has spoken at Fortune 100 companies and TED conferences for over a decade.

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Guest Blog: How to look and feel confident in pictures

Notes with Natalie Newsletter with Natalie Jill My Cister (cousin who is like a sister) takes over the blog and shares her top 4 tips and tricks for looking and feeling confident in photos. Any age, size or shape!

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