3-D Skin cancer scanner

New technologies may help physicians and people monitor skin health in addition to yearly dermatologist examinations.

It's an alien-looking 3-D body scanner. It's nearly the size of an exam room, enabling patients to enter nude. The equipment takes photographs of your whole body.

"It's fast and painless," adds Stephen Palmese. You may see yourself thereafter. Every perspective is caught, thus certain bits are new.
Stephen receives a 6-month skin scan.

Stephen's 3-D body scan revealed a malignant mole on his right thigh. Stephen's mole was stage zero, photos indicated. Melanoma accounts about 1% of skin malignancies

yet it causes most skin cancer mortality. The study group predicts approximately 100,000 additional melanomas in the U.S. this year. 

By having photos of your body and moles, Dr. Rossi can tell if they've changed, gotten larger, darker, or added colours or irregular texture.

Most Americans overestimate their foods healthiness.

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