A month of plank variations made my core stronger.

Planks annoy me. There. I don't like isometric exercises (holding a posture). I prefer dead bugs, bicycle crunches, inchworms, or V-ups to planks.

Maybe I was underestimating the stationary plank till now. Planks are one of the finest core (and total-body) workouts, so I was delighted to try a 30-day challenge.

The plank is one of the finest core workouts since it works your pelvic floor, obliques, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis.

I accepted the plank challenge to see how it would make me feel and perform. It was a wonderful addition to my workouts. Here are my 30-day abs exercises and results.

I wanted to start gradually, develop my form, and improve during the month. I started with these plank-optimizing ideas then went back to fundamentals to test my plank

A 60-second plank hold is ideal. Amanda Edell, NASM- and ACSM-certified online personal trainer and wellness coach, agrees.

Doctors warn about taking this vitamin before bed.

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