A Physique Coach Describes the "Ultimate" Cardio for Fat Loss

Paul Revelia, a physique coach, publishes articles on a daily basis about how he employs steady-state cardio to help him lose weight.

When it comes to workout time, HIIT has an obvious benefit because you'll burn more calories in a shorter period of time than you would during a lower-intensity session. 

 However, as Beaugrand says, this also necessitates a higher level of competence. "If you're doing sprints, you need to be able to do it at all-out effort,

 he says, "whereas with lower or moderate intensity, we don't need as much expertise, and we can do things like walking, riding our bikes, or going on a hike."

 Revelia says, "you'll probably be good with HIIT cardio because you'll have plenty of time for recovery and you won't negatively effect the rest of your day."

"Does HIIT cardio make sense if your primary goal is bodybuilding or a combat sport? It's all about taking a look at your overall timetable and objectives."

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