Best Butt Exercises

Hip Thrust. Start in the same posture as the conventional thrust, but use just your bodyweight to begin

The kettlebell swing is great for explosive hip extension. You press your hips (and butt) backwards every time, then explode forward and squeeze your glutes

The Cossack squat assesses strength and mobility. As you reach depth in this squat, the glutes must stabilise the pelvis and commence extension to complete a rep.

Lungelateral. Lower body, particularly glutes, are worked while moving out of the sagittal plane (front-to-back). By moving side-to-side, you'll add to your training. 

Bulgarian split squats are wonderful glute exercises. To target the glutes, keep your front shin upright and don't allow your knee cross your foot.

The traditional split squat works your glutes in two directions and is a good unilateral leg exercise. In the bottom posture, your glutes will stabilise your body

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