Core-strengthening exercises

Progressive pull-up workouts include hollow-body holds and leg raises.
Here's a simple abdominal exercise to try next time you go the gym:

Holding weight in front of your body rather than on your back challenges your abdominal and core to work harder to maintain form. 

Holding the weight aloft challenges your abdominal, shoulders, and back's stability. This squat variant is a Lean Muscle Training Program classic.

Knee-tuck hang.This works your abs. You can perform this exercise on parallel bars or with ab-sling straps if your grip tired before your abs.

Toes-to-bar.This complicated ab exercise combines practically every arm, back, and core muscle to bend your body into a V and raise half your weight above

Mop. This classic workout stimulates the lower abs and obliques by raising and twisting the legs while the upper abs steady the torso and hold the barbell.

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