Ginger's anti-nausea qualities are well-known, and it's especially soothing when brewed into a tea.

Aloe is a must-have for small burns, scratches, and bug bites because it is both a resilient plant and a flexible home remedy. 

A inexpensive bag of Epsom salts can provide comfort if you've strained your back at work or pushed yourself too hard at the gym. 

Seasonal allergies have been proven to be alleviated by consuming local honey (or bee pollen). This is especially true for raw, organic, and hyper-local kinds

Oatmeal has long been used in goods (and home cures) to treat skin problems such as eczema and poison ivy, as well as dry skin in general.

Sore muscles are a given if you sit at a desk all day or do strenuous physical labour. A tennis ball, fortunately, is a simple tool for working out aches and pains.

Baking soda's abrasive texture makes it a good alternative for eliminating surface stains from the teeth, though it shouldn't be used every day.

Healthy brains can reach 105°F

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