Emily Skye explains her "perfect" Instagram photos

Even fitness influencer Emily Skye had stretched-out belly skin during pregnancy. In a recent Instagram post, the new mom explains why her tummy seems toned

in some images but not others. It's all about lighting, camera angles, and posing.
Sometimes you can see saggy, wrinkled tummy skin, she adds.

Influencer with 2.4 million Instagram followers says many have asked about her tummy and accused her of Photoshop.

 “I wanted to illustrate that how I stand, flex, and what light I'm in either accentuates or conceals my extra belly skin,” she explains.

Skye advises women to be kinder to themselves. "Nobody is flawless, and excess skin, stretch marks, cellulite, or anything else doesn't make you less gorgeous or fantastic!"

Skye's decision makes her more relatable and encourages other women embrace and love their bodies, stretch marks, loose skin, and all.

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