Five 'time-efficient' steps to healthy eating on-the-go

One in five Britons eat junk food because they don't have time to prepare, but there are quick methods to eat healthier.

Finding a technique that works for you and your routine will provide the greatest results, the experts said, recommended setting aside time on a Sunday afternoon before the week ahead.

Bulk purchase."Buy in bulk to save time and keep your kitchen stocked with necessities," they said.
Rice, quinoa, almonds, and dried fruits may be mainstays.

Spend wisely.If time slips away on a meal-prep day, leftovers may be repurposed.
"Instead of throwing away leftovers, pack them with greens for tomorrow's lunch.

Measure portions.Pre-portioning may be an efficient technique to ensure a person gets all the essential nutrients they need.

"Consider preparing for six people then dividing the food into separate containers," experts recommended.

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