Full-body functional exercises

Functional fitness seems like a fashionable new exercise that (falsely) promises to tone you up overnight, but don't let the alliteration mislead you.

Functional workouts employ several joints and muscles. Functional exercises comprise the elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and ankles. 

Even though you lift with your arms, your legs and back are equally important. Legs, glutes, lower back, arms, and shoulders are strengthened

Stand with feet wide apart, holding a light medicine ball. Squat, keeping your knees above your ankles and your back straight, and drop the medicine ball to the floor.

This workout strengthens your upper, middle, and lower back, shoulders, glutes, and legs.
Holding 5-pound dumbbells, stand tall.

Functionality: When reaching for boots on the top shelf of your closet, one arm extends up and the opposing leg elevates.

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