Heat-wave safety tips

In order to avoid heat-related diseases such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke in the state of Wisconsin, it is essential to stay cool and prevent heat-related illnesses from occurring.

Make it a point to check on elderly people of your family, neighbours, and acquaintances who may not have a method to remain cool.

Get indoors and find somewhere cool to rest if you or someone else is having symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headaches, muscular cramps, or weakness.

Follow these guidelines to reduce your risk of becoming sick from the heat:
Consume a lot of water on a regular basis and don't wait until you're parched to start drinking it.

Put on clothes that are breathable, loose-fitting, and light in colour.If at all possible, you should avoid being in the sun

If you are working outside, you should choose a shady spot where you can take regular pauses to relax and refuel.

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