How much food should a dog eat?

You've got a new puppy or an ageing stray dog. How to feed and care for your new pet is probably one of your top concerns.

According to Wag, underfeeding your dog may cause weight loss, poor energy, nutrition-related medical issues, and death

All dogs are different, so follow the bag's directions.
The AKC recommends feeding your dog twice a day, with portions depending on breed, size, age, and health.

Born Free Pet Food claims overfeeding your dog may lead to obesity, heart and respiratory issues, and a shorter life – not to mention squandering money on more food.

According to Zignature dog food, puppies require twice as many nutrients as older dogs to grow large and robust

Pregnant dogs need extra nourishment.
Consult your vet to decide meal amount and feeding regimen.

Teens dont require as much daily exercise as you would believe.

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