How to Improve the Taste of Protein Shakes

Instead of water, use milk.The most frequent way to improve the flavor of your protein shake is to replace the water with milk. Milk not only provides your protein powder more taste

 but it also gives it a creamier texture. This gives it the appearance of a sumptuous dessert rather than a powdery diet pill that you have to push down. 

Combine with ice or frozen fruit to make a refreshing drink.
Protein smoothies are also much better when consumed cold.

Although temperature is not the same as flavor, there's something about an ice-cold, creamy milkshake or smoothie that enhances the whole experience. 

Fruit should be included.
Fresh fruit is a terrific method to improve the flavor of protein drinks. You have a lot of choices, 

rich in nutrients, and delicious. Simply combine a few handfuls of fruit with your shake in the blender, and you've got yourself a protein-rich fruit smoothie.

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