Integrated Seed Solutions helps plants grow.

Flanagan Integrated Seed Solutions' Amplify yield enhancement technology keeps plants healthy and disease-free during summer.

The goal is to offer corn a five- or six-week disease-free window from tassel to brown silk and beyond. This is when you give plants vitamins.

Last week, Integrated conducted a client meeting involving helicopter demonstrations and the Amplify initiative to return 20 to 30 bushels to producers this season.

“In market settings where corn is $7.50 and beans are $17-18, every bushel is precious this year, and we hope with our Amplify programme, we can deliver the producer additional 

15, 20, or 30 bushels on corn and attempt to locate 10 bushels on soybeans,” said Martin.
This helps a corn plant fill up the ear and produce every kernel.

Despite a chilly and drawn-out planting season, several area farmers are pleased with the results.

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