Life-Threatening Sleep Problems

Poor sleep is linked to life-threatening COPD flare-ups, according to a recent research.
COPD causes blocked airflow and difficulty breathing.

Over time, shortness of breath and cough may cause irreparable lung damage, worsening COPD and raising the risk of death, the research team warned.

Aaron Baugh, MD, of the UCSF Cardiovascular Research Institute, said persons with significant sleep issues had a higher risk of COPD flare-ups than those with a 60-year smoking history.

63% of African Americans had poor sleep, compared to 52% of whites. Dr. Baugh stated this sleep gap may be why African Americans have a poorer COPD prognosis

African Americans are overrepresented in low-income communities. They may live in congested areas with several roommates, sleep on a sofa, that disrupts sleep.

Avoid coffee and alcohol before bed.Move. Daytime exercise helps you sleep at night.

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