Lunches with a lot of protein for Americans

Snoop's amazing addition to this salad includes smoky, sweet, and sticky BBQ chicken, as well as homemade blue corn tortilla strips.

Poke bowls are filling and versatile, with lots of room for personalization and creativity. For a truly restaurant experience, add some crunchy fried onions or shallots and a dollop of spicy mayo.

The not-too-spicy jalapeo sauce provides a tangy, creamy counterbalance to the chimichurri, which serves as both a marinade for the steak and a finishing sauce for the bowls.

If you like crispy savory egg rolls, this unwrapped version can be the perfect lunch for you. This veggie-packed supper comes ready in under an hour without the need for wrapping or frying.

In about an hour, you can make a summer chowder with prepared rotisserie chicken, frozen corn, and delicious cherry tomatoes, served in a crispy-tender zucchini boat.

This vegan grain bowl recipe takes you on a culinary journey through several Jamaican favorites, including delicious fried plantains, aromatic rice and peas, and jerk-marinated tofu.

Pistachios are really healthy.

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