Lung Cancer Risk Factors

Lung cancer causes vary. Smoking or secondhand smoke is most frequent. Sometimes there is no recognised reason.

A cause causes an illness. Smoking may cause lung cancer. A risk factor may cause illness, but hasn't yet. Smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer if you don't have it.

80-90% of lung cancer fatalities in the US are caused by smoking. Smokers' lung cancer risk is 15 to 30 times higher than nonsmokers'. 

IARC categorised outdoor pollution as a carcinogen in 2013. Carcinogens cause cancer. Air pollution is caused by burning and industrial chemical byproducts.

Age is a lung cancer risk. With age, the ailment spreads. The USPSTF recommends lung cancer tests for smokers over 50.
Teens and toddlers may get lung cancer.

More study is required to determine whether consuming alcohol causes lung cancer. 

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