Most Americans overestimate their food's healthiness.

A recent research found disconnects between how Americans believe they eat and how they do.

In the study, individuals rated their diet excellent, very good, good, fair, or bad. 24-hour food surveys were also completed. The researchers then compared the two exercises' replies.

Poor dieters were more accurate, the research found. Their ranking matched researchers' 9 times out of 10.
In the remaining four categories, 1-18% of participants appropriately rated their diet.

"We must first understand what people consider when evaluating their food," stated Thomson.

"People become overwhelmed by huge changes," she stated. "Avoid stating 'I'm dieting' or 'I'm going on a diet.'"

Maniscalco: "You may stop at any time." "Change your perspective and say, 'I'm taking little actions to enhance my health'"

Even if you eat healthily, you probably consume too much saturated fat, salt, and vegetables.

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