Planning makes snacking healthy.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires mastering everyday routines. Our capacity to keep on track determines our success. 

It's vital to know why people snack, stressing that energetic people need them. Hunger-driven snacking is normal for active people and may be part of a healthy diet.

Apples, pears, whole grain bread with peanut or almond butter, dried fruits including raisins, dates and figs, and sparkling water are recommended as nutritious snacks.

Snacking has a place in your diet and may help you satisfy your nutritional requirements, say experts. There are excellent store-bought snack choices.

Zero calories and bubbles provide the refreshment I want. It hydrates me, so it ticks two boxes.

As in many things, the small things add up. Both sides snack. Active lifestyles are healthier. If you nibble to deal with problems, stop. Snacking may lead to health issues. 

Long-COVID hazards affect even the healthy

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