So what is the "healthy coke" fad on TikTok actually about?

There appears to be no end to the strange and fascinating meals you can find on TikTok, from custard toast to Oreo sushi and even pesto eggs. 

Since discovering the "healthy coke" trend on my TikTok #foryoupage, I, a die-hard Diet Coke enthusiast, have been unable to stop thinking about it. 

In fact, I had a dream earlier this week that I had prepared a glass of "healthy coke" for myself. Warning: It wasn't tasty.

The "healthy coke" craze was first established earlier this month by TikToker Amanda Jones. 

She states: "My pilates instructor makes this drink, virtually every day" in her video, which has now received over six million views.

It's a healthier substitute for a coke, continued Amanda. It tastes just like a coke, and I'm not kidding.

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