Survey: Americans lack health knowledge.

13.06.2022 Only roughly a third of respondents who answered to a recent WebMD study indicated they knew a lot about their family's health history.

37% of respondents know some family history, 35% know a lot, 18% know a little, and 10% know none, according to a poll of 753 U.S. consumers conducted May 25-31.

When asked whether they knew their blood type, 39% of participants replied no. Those over 45 were more likely to know than those under 45 (71% vs. 53%),

 and women were more likely than males (66% vs. 54%), but the difference was not statistically significant.

More than half of poll respondents said they arrange regular medical appointments, while younger folks are less likely to do so (41% vs. 76%).

75% of individuals who had their cholesterol and bone density checked in the last year recognised the findings; BMI was 80%. No one's age made a difference.

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