The Biggest Lentil Mistakes Everyone Makes

Because all lentil types are not interchangeable, choose the right one is critical to a good recipe.

 Green and brown lentils are more robust than their yellow and red counterparts, according to the Washington Post.

Brown and green lentils cook in 20 to 45 minutes and are ideal for meals that need the lentil's structural integrity to be preserved, such as salads or chunkier lentil soups. 

To be safe, soak your lentils overnight in plenty of water. You'll eliminate the pests and prepare your lentils ahead of time for simple cooking the following day.

Set your lentils aside in a secure area with cold or room temperature water while the liquid does its magic.

This quick and easy process will save you a lot of time and effort, as well as making your lentils much more healthy and tasty.

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