The six plant-based, high-protein foods that the world's healthiest individuals consume

legumes such as lentils, beans, and peasAlong with its fellow legumes, lentils, and peas, beans are a staple food in the Blue Zones diet.

whole grains
Although some uncooked forms of grains can also offer protein to your diet, grains are often thought of as primarily a source of carbs.

Despite having a terrible reputation in the diet industry for having a high caloric density, with just a handful containing up to 200 calories, nuts and seeds 

in moderation, fish
Fish is a common protein source because so many Blue Zones are close to the water.

Dairy is comparatively infrequent in the Blue Zones diet, despite the fact that you may have been encouraged to drink milk every day for your health.

sometimes eggs
With six to seven grams of protein per serving and B vitamins, eggs are a nutrient-rich, easily available protein source.

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