The Surprising Supplement That Is Slowing Down Your Weight Loss

Weight Gain And Caffeine SupplementsIf you want a caffeine boost but don't want to consume coffee in the morning, you may obtain the same effect by taking caffeine pills.

Caffeine, in addition to delivering energy and alertness, is often used as an appetite suppressant

 which makes Blake's claim that it may contribute to weight gain in the long term all the more startling. Who'd have guessed?!

Caffeine use on a daily basis has been shown to boost cravings, making weight reduction more difficult. "Caffeine is a stimulant that may impact your body's metabolism 

 and drive you to eat more calories than you would otherwise," Blake adds. The fact that the stimulant suppresses your adenosine receptors is one of the main reasons behind this.

This is why coffee makes you feel more alert and awake, but there's a catch: it may alter the way you taste sweet foods, perhaps increasing your appetites.

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