Why you should do yoga

People may do various things to keep healthy. There's yoga. It improves health, weight reduction, mood, and flexibility.

Exercise doesn't effect everyone the same way, says Amol Naikawadi, joint managing director of Indus Health Plus.

Some remark "I workout more than my buddy, yet I can't drop half as much weight. DNA has the answers. ACTN3 gene variations affect exercise-related metrics. 

Normal ACTN3 means a person has more type II muscular fibres, which are linked with great muscle power. They will thrive in power-based sports activities like sprinting.

Yoga boosts metabolism and promotes health. You feel better, your metabolism improves, and you eat better.

Yoga decreases blood sugar, bad cholesterol, and improves good cholesterol. It boosts insulin sensitivity and encourages weight reduction.

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