With the Pallof Press, you'll have a more stable core.

Crunches and planks aren't the only ways to strengthen your core. You'll need to engage the muscle group in numerous ways to achieve more balanced core strength. 

During your ab workout, you may be required to move in a variety of directions, bending and twisting. This is not one of those occasions. 

The Paloff press requires you to concentrate on maintaining your torso motionless and stable.

To exploit your core's power to resist rotation, the Pallof press employs a cable machine or resistance band. One of your core's primary roles is anti-rotation

"What I really like about the Pallof press is that we're not just working on our abs—we're working on our core as a whole."

Your abs aren't the only part of your core. It's your glutes, your obliques, and your lower back muscles." All of those muscles will have to work together to keep your torso stable

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